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Crusher Run
Crusher Run is made from crushed stone that range in size from very fine (often called "stone dust" or "fines") to medium sized pieces. Due to the angularity of the pieces, crusher run compacts well, making it an ideal product to use as a base for pavers, as well as a wide range of pavement surface materials. To achieve maximum compaction, crusher run should be spread to a depth of 2-3", then wetted, and compacted with a vibratory plate tamper/compacter. This process should be repeated until the desired depth is reached. The result of this wetting and tamping process is that you will have a base that is similar to concrete, except that water can flow through it making it less likely to heave during the many freeze/thaw cycles our area is subjected to.

Black Gold carries two sizes of crusher run. When using this product for patio stones or pavers, the large crusher run would be used as the base, and the small crusher run would be used as the top course. Small crusher run can be used to fill the gaps between patio stones. The fines contained in the crusher run can be used to fill gaps in interlocking pavers.

Bank Run Gravel
Bank Run GravelBlack Gold’s Bank Run Gravel is composed of different sizes of stone (from really small to pretty large) with some sand and dirt. Our Bank Run Gravel can be used to build up a road base that is at least a couple of feet in depth. Bank Run Gravel is typically topped off with driveway stone or with a layer of modified and then driveway stone over the top of the modified. (This is what we used for the base of the entrance road to Black Gold’s Big Flats pit). It does provide an excellent base.

Black Gold’s Bone is composed of stones that range in size from 3” up to 8 -10” in size (although some may be larger). It has been screened to remove the majority of dirt, sand and smaller stones.

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